A True Musician’s Friend

I’m a music lover. I play a variety of musical instruments. My favourite is the guitar. I started playing when I was 12. I learned on my own by reading books and watching tutorials on Youtube. And ever since, I’ve been obsessed with playing and collecting guitars. It became my passion and I started looking for and meeting with fellow musicians in our neighbourhood. I, together with three cousins, founded a band with me as the lead guitarist. We regularly compete with other bands in town and we haven’t lost a single battle.

The secret is our DR Strings. These handmade guitar strings are designed to create superior and high quality sounds, separating us from other bands using normally manufactured strings. The DR Company, founded in 1989, offers electric and acoustic guitar strings for obsessed musicians like me. No other manufacturer provides that superb tone for my guitar. In addition to this, DR handmade strings almost always last longer than the common strings. That longevity, coupled with an excellent tone, makes these strings truly a musician’s friend. cordoba ukulele