Helping Customers to Become Environmentally Friendly

Even though green efforts have taken hold in the minds of millions of people, it can be easy to forget to apply environmentally friendly principles when in a rush or during stressful days. Businesses can offer several ways to help customers to make green decisions each and every time they shop; in addition, the business could gain customers through their own green practices, as customers enjoy knowing that they are supporting a business that cares about the well-being of the Earth.

Alternatives to Plastic Bags

One of the biggest impacts a business can make is offering an alternative to plastic bags. However, some businesses still default to plastic bags. Instead, cashiers can offer reusable tote bags with logo prints or embroideries to customers with every transaction. Since reusable totes can be obtained so cheaply, customers tend to be more than willing to pay a small fee for these bags. Paper bags are also a decent alternative, especially if they are made from 100% recycled materials.

Digital Paperwork and Receipts

Paperwork and customer records can use massive amounts of paper; this paper requires a large area for storage as well. Eliminating paperwork is friendlier for the environment and wise for the business, as it requires much less maintenance and upkeep. Customers could have their receipts emailed to them directly, further reducing the consumption of paper. Concerned environmentalists are quick to patronize businesses who operate as greenly as possible, and are more than happy to eliminate unwanted receipts from their bags. In the end, a few external hard drives will receive, organize, store, and protect all of the paperwork digitally; taking up a space as small as a book.

Utilizing Environmentally Cleaners

Many of today’s common cleaners used by a majority of businesses are detrimental to the environment. These chemicals continue to pollute while environmentally cleaners are still struggling to take over. Green cleaners tend to be made of ingredients that are fairly safe; with some even being nontoxic. Customers love to know that a business does not use harsh cleaners; especially those who have small children that might come in contact with cleaners that were left out or not properly cleaned up.

A green business is a friendly business. When a business can not only show its customers it cares for the environment, but also tries to instill awareness in the local community, they are seen as an every day hero. The community is much more likely to support a business that makes a positive impact in the local area.