Golf Carts Are for More than Just Golf Courses

If you think about it, golf carts serve two basic purposes when used on the golf course: transport of people and transport of equipment. They eliminate the need to walk the entire course in order to play a round of golf, saving time as well as eliminating the need to carry golf clubs or push them with a hand cart. By applying a little creativity, people have found a way to use golf carts for many other purposes.

Off-the-Course Uses of Golf Carts

Golf carts are frequently used to provide courtesy transportation to visitors at hospitals, tourist attractions, sporting events and many other places with large parking lots. Many industries use these carts in large facilities where people have jobs that require them to move throughout one or more buildings during the course of the day. The near-constant use of golf carts in these applications often means they will need more frequent maintenance than those used on golf courses. When items such as EZGO golf cart parts are needed to keep the equipment in top shape, places like Blockbuster Golf Cars, Inc. can provide everything necessary.

Safe Golf Cart Operation

In addition to following the maintenance schedule that is recommended by the golf cart manufacturer, daily pre-use inspections should be conducted as well. These inspections should begin with a check in which the tires are visually examined and the air pressure checked. A walk-around assessment should follow that includes looking for fluid leaks and loose or damaged parts. Following the visual check, a functionality check should be performed. This includes checking the brakes, horn, steering and other critical items. If any of these things are not working as they should, the vehicle should be taken out of service until the repairs are made.

Individuals who are driving carts should use caution when turning so as not to turn so quickly that passengers can be thrown off. Because the driver has the steering wheel to hold to, it is easy to forget about the passengers. If it is necessary to drive up or down inclines, one should go straight up or down and not at an angle that increases the risk of turning the cart over. Drivers should be familiar with these and other safety procedures prior to operating a cart. When used properly, golf carts can make a round of golf more fun and a day at work more productive.