Want to Get Kylie Jenner’s Look? Try these 5 Tips

Although Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan, in a few short years she has became style icon as she morphed from an awkward teen into a trendy 17-year-old with the world at her feet. Although she was thrust into the ‘It-Girl’ spotlight thanks to her famous family, rockstar posse and limitless budget, we can all steal Kylie’s style using these five tips.


Kylie’s brows are her face’s boldest statement piece: the final touch that puts her whole look together. Now is the perfect time to get your brows in shape, and whether you prefer thick and dyed or thin and penciled, pick a style that suits your face. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows if you are fair, and always have a pair of tweezers on hand to pluck stray hairs as they appear. If you are considering a brow lift, seek professional advice and choose a specialist cosmetic surgeon to carry out the procedure. Reputable companies such as Cosmetic Surgery For Women offer a browlift, a procedure that improves the position of your eyelids and brows, changing the shape of your face—especially helpful once you have begun to loose elasticity in the tissues in your face.


Kylie has been scrutinised in the public eye of late because of her suddenly plump lips and rumours that lip fillers had been used to enhance their shape. If you are looking for a more natural way to achieve Kylie’s luscious lips, avoid using dark shades of lipstick and, instead, line and fill your lips with a nude lip liner before applying colour and gloss. You’ll be pouting your plump lips à la Kylie Jenner in no time!


Kylie is known for constantly changing her hair, from a cropped cut with aqua-blue tips to long jet-black locks past her shoulders. Copy Kylie’s latest look for cool-girl hair that everyone will be coveting. But be prepared; you may need to make regular appointments to see your hairdresser if you plan on keeping up with Kylie’s changing hairstyles.


With her stylish sister Kendall Jenner in tow, Kylie has become a teen icon with sass and style. Be inspired by her everyday style by dressing in cropped skivvies, ripped denim, Nike sneakers and oversized sunglasses. For threads straight from the girl herself, shop Kendall and Kylie’s latest collaboration with international clothing retailer Topshop.


If you are an avid follower of Kylie on Instagram and Snapchat, you’ll know that her nails are always adorned in a trendworthy colour and bedazzled in jewels. Basic colours seem to be her go to, so opt for shades of blush, black, grey and taupe, and experiment with nail shapes and lengths. If you are feeling fancy, a hint of glitter, sparkle and abstract finishes never go astray when emulating Kylie’s style.

Next time you’re doing your makeup and dressing up for a night on the town, look to Kylie Jenner for some style tips that will make you look and feel a million dollars. Don’t forget to snap the perfect selfie before you run out the door, too, because that’s what Kylie would do!