Topnotch Features of iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is undeniably one of the most popular high end smartphones today. This revolutionary handset is loaded with advanced features, cool apps, and extensive connectivity options, making it one of the must-have gadgets for many Apple aficionados and other technically savvy mobile users. Here are some of the topnotch features of the iPhone 5.

Improved Camera

The iPhone 5 is armed with an advanced iSight camera which allows you to capture photos quicker than its predecessor. The 8-megapixel camera is made even better to satisfy camera enthusiasts. It features HDR, panorama, f2.4 lens, and LED flash for crisper, vibrant, detail-rich, and crystal clear photos.

Larger Screen

Another great feature of the iPhone 5 is its screen. It is larger and way brighter than the iPhone 4S. It is equipped with a 4-inch screen, allowing you to add an extra row of icons and apps. It may not be the largest screen around, but it’s large enough to view photos and watch videos.

LTE Technology

The iPhone 5 features a wireless LTE technology, which promotes faster network speed. This simply means that you can download apps and stream videos faster than ever. Web pages load pretty fast, so you can browse your favorite web pages smoothly, without any hassle or lags to worry about.

Those listed above are just few of the amazing features that you can enjoy from the famous iPhone 5. If you’re interested in buying this smartphone, it is ideal to weigh out its pros and cons and compare it with other high end handsets. Also, do some research so you can determine if this smartphone meets your needs and budget.