Guide to Applying Eye Shadow

Applying eye shadow can be tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Achieving the eye makeup that you want depends on many factors such as the shape of your eyes, quality of your makeup, as well as the type of brush that you use. If you want to learn how to apply eye makeup the right way, here’s a simple guide to consider.

Apply Primer and Concealer

Before you begin, make sure that your face is clean by washing it with a cleanser. Apply primer all over your eyelid and brow bone. Primer is essential as it helps smoothen your skin. Also, it helps makeup stay much longer and minimizes the appearance of your pores. After applying primer, use a concealer to even out your skin tone. Concealer covers your dark circles and hides the blemishes surrounding your eyes.

Apply Eye Shadow

If you want to achieve a smokey effect, all you have to do is to apply any dark colored eyeshadow all over your lower lid by using your stiff brush. Next, choose any light colored eyeshadow and gently blend out the crease. If you prefer the Cat eye look, simply use a black eyeliner and follow the lower lash line towards the end part of your eye. Next, apply a black eyeshadow to the outer part of the lash line and form a wing shape. Smoothen the line using your pencil brush.

Whatever eyeshadow shapes you want to try, whether it’s a cat eye, smokey or cut crease, learning the basics is important so you can successfully achieve the eye makeup that you want. Learn from the guide above and practice until you get it perfect.