Choosing the Perfect Winter Coat

Let’s face it; winter is cold. Gone are the heady days of sunglasses, maxi skirts and vest tops, and “hello” snug winter woolies. It’s almost too tempting to let yourself go a little bit. But don’t let your sense of style fade along with your tan. Here’s a guide to your best ever coat to make even Jack Frost hot under the collar.

1. Go for warmth and style.

So many coast nowadays are designed purely to follow the fashions (cardigan-coat, anyone?) without any real consideration of how it’s going to work in real life. But there’s nothing attractive about freezing your knackers off. A/W 13 is all about checks and thick wools, so make the most of these with this gorgeous belted Oasis coat.

2. Spend some cash.

Whilst it may seem like a great idea to get yourself a cheaper coat, it’s not really worth it for the inferior quality. A decent coat should last you a few winters and really protect against the harshest weather conditions. Opt for a timeless yet quirky style and you’ll definitely save pennies in the long run.

3. It’s all about the fit.

When buying a coat, you want to be sure that the fit is just right. Make sure that you try it on with your thickest, wooliest jumper underneath, as well as just a t-shirt. It should sit squarely on your shoulders, and should end just at your wrist. Regardless of the specific style, you should be able to see at least the outlines of your figure underneath if you hope to look even the slightest bit attractive, and not like a blob.

Of course, the most important thing about any coat is that it should make you feel amazing. Think of it as like a best friend; protective and comforting, yet emphasizing all of your best features. Happy shopping!