Occasions to Award Enamel Pins

Many companies give their employees enamel lapel pins to recognize them for various accomplishments. For instance, a company owner may award an employee with an enamel lapel pin for being with the company for twenty five years. This is a lasting keepsake that the employee can wear on either a casual or formal suit coat. Consider some other occasions when a company owner may give an employee an enamel lapel pin.

Making the Most Sales for a Company

A company owner may give a salesperson an enamel lapel pin for making the most sales over a period of a year or even five years. The pin represents a great success for both the employee and the company. The pin may have a design that displays how many sales the person made or perhaps it features the company’s logo. It is something the employee can wear each day to show off his or her accomplishments on behalf of the company. A good salesperson may even collect several of these pins over the course of his or her employment with a company.

Charity Work Related to a Company

An enamel lapel pin may be awarded to an employee who coordinated a successful charity event held by the company. The person may have organized all of the volunteers, arranged for the refreshments and solved any problems related to the logistics of the event. The pin serves as an appropriate way to recognize the person’s time and efforts for a charitable organization.

A Yearly Ceremony for Recognition

Some company owners have several pins made to recognize employees during a yearly ceremony. One pin may be for the employee who had the most successful project of the year. Another pin may be for an employee who dedicated the most overtime hours to a certain project. An employee can keep and wear a pin with great pride. Plus, a longtime employee may collect several pins over his or her time with a particular company. The number of pins earned by an employee reflects his or her dedication to a company.

A Retirement Keepsake

Finally, some company owners give an enamel pin to employees who are retiring. The pin may display the number of years the person worked for the organization. It is something that the person can wear long after his or her last day at the office.