Elements to Consider When Shopping for Pearls

Pearls are classic types of jewelry. Almost every women feels like her jewelry collection isn’t complete without some sort of pearls in her collection. There are numerous types of pearl jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more. They are also various types of pearls as well. Finding the right kind of pearl for you is easier than ever nowadays thanks to the Internet where you can find virtually anything that you want. National Pearl at www.nationalpearl.com is just one example of a place online where you can find a variety of types of pearls. There are numerous elements that you should consider when you want to purchase pearls though.


First of all, you need to determine what size of pearls you want. You can get pearls as small as 9mm or ones as large as 20mm. You might prefer tiny pearls that are more delicate in appearance, or you might prefer bigger ones that stand out and make a bold statement. The larger a pearl is, the more any imperfections in it will show.


Pearls come in various colors. The most classic color associated with pearls is white. However, they also come in cream colors, black, lavender, gray, gold and even purple. You might prefer a traditional white one, or you might want a more uniquely colored one.


Most people think of pearls as being round. However, they actually come in various shapes. You can get oval-shaped pearls, oblong ones and ones that are randomly shaped. Generally, the rounder a pearl is, the more expensive it will be, though.


Pearls come in various grades as well. The higher a pearl’s grade, the less imperfections it has. For instance, an AAA grade pearl won’t have near as many nicks or chips in it as an A grade pearl. Additionally, it will be a more uniform, round shape. Obviously, the higher a pearl’s grade, the better quality the pearl is considered to be, so the more expensive the pearl will tend to be.

Natural Vs. Cultured Pearls

There are natural pearls and cultured ones. Cultured ones are grown on farms, whereas natural ones are found naturally. Obviously, natural ones are rarer than cultured ones, so they are much more expensive. Cultured ones are more affordable, and they can be tailored to be any way the farmer wishes them to be.

When you’re going to purchase pearls, these are just a few of the elements you might want to consider. Your personal style and budget will play a huge part in the type of pearls that are best for you.