Eye Make Up Solutions

For the ladies who are always on the go and puts much make up on, we always worry about how are makeup looks from time to time that’s why we have mirrors in our bags all the time to give our face a quick glance in case our mascara and eye liners smudges in our faces; which pretty much happens quite a lot especially when we are up and running during rainy days, sweating like a cow or our eyes are caught up in tears.

We don’t want to look like a racoon or like a girl who just hit by boxing gloves so here are the things we should do to strengthen the grip of the make-up in our faces. To prevent runny mascaras; after putting on a concealer, apply some loose powder to absorb the oil. When putting on the mascara, make sure you’re only applying it on the top eye lashes.

To prevent your eyeliner from smudging make sure that your base is dry and smooth enough, it’s better that you’ll use a pencil eyeliner before applying the liquid one. You can now worry about the smudges and runs less until you find a waterproof one.