Debunking the 3 Common Misconceptions Surrounding E-Cigarettes

As with any product in the market, the Electronic cigarette which is commonly known as the E cigarette, has its fair share of misconceptions. Non-smokers or even traditional smokers who prefer tobacco sometimes bash it so people will turn away from it and return to their normal tobacco smoking habit. If you are holding back from trying the popular e-cigs because of these mistaken beliefs, continue reading to learn the truth behind this.

3 Common Misconceptions And The Real Facts You Should Know:

1. Electronic cigarettes are more expensive than traditional cigarettes

This is probably the largest fallacy out there when it comes to the e-cigs. When you first buy the latter, you will notice that compared to your traditional smoke, the price is larger. However, when you calculate your monthly spending between the e-cigs and its counterpart, the former can still save you a lot of money. But how can that be? That is because Ecigs are reusable. You just have to recharge the battery and you can utilize it again. You can always buy disposable ones, but that is your prerogative.

2. E-cigarettes can cause fire

When there is smoke, there is always fire. That is what people always say. When it comes to the traditional tobacco this is true in every sense, especially if a lit cigarette is left on the sofa or other “flammable” parts of the house. However, e-cigarettes are different. Because it does not use fire nor have ash, it is a hundred percent safer to use than tobacco cigarettes. Sure you can see smoke, but that is only vapor.

3. E-cigarettes explode and can endanger you

An E cigarette uses battery, and when that is drained out, it is only natural to recharge it. From here lies the danger that people speaks of. They say that the battery explodes causing fatality to people who uses it. While this is true, this only happens when you overcharge the battery. If you follow the instructions when it comes to proper charging, you never have to deal with that.

E-cigarettes may have lots of misconceptions, but at the end of the day, you just have to try it out to realize that those are not true. Debunk those myths yourself by getting your ecigs from today.