Savvy Spending on your Wedding Favors

A wedding day is one of the happiest days in a person’s life.  It is an occasion where small gifts or tokens are given by the newlyweds to their guests as a thank you for being part of their special day.

There are several wedding favors that do not eat much into someone’s wedding budget. As you choose your wedding favor, ensure they also serve their purpose.  Wedding favors that are edible are a fail-proof option that your guests can enjoy and appreciate on their way home. Favors such as cake pops, mini pies and personalized candy bars are not expensive. Useful yet inexpensive items like colorful and beautiful Jordan Almonds, personalized bubbles, magnets, tea bags and soap are all items that can be personalized and used in the future. They are a sentimental, yet practical, way to say you appreciate your guests’ attendance. It is important to note that as you look for cheap wedding favors don’t compromise on their quality.

Online shopping is among one of the best and timely creations for buying wisely in the comfort of your own home. Instead of visiting the malls for wedding favors in the hectic pre-Wedding shopping season, you can leisurely and comfortably browse through the internet for the cheapest and best quality favors from your home or office.

To avoid impulse buying, you should develop or create a list of all your guests and also budget for all the wedding favors you require to buy-and stick to it.  Use a debit card to buy wedding favors, it is much easier to spend within your set budget because every time you make a purchase; the money is immediately drawn from your bank account. Also keep track of all your receipts and counter check them against all the bank statements you have received because it does pay to be organized.

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