Dress For Safety When Doing Yard Work


The majority of people who do yard work fail to adequately protect themselves from accidents. Once of the easiest ways to stay safe when working outdoors is to dress properly; when you wear the right clothes, you reduce the risks that are associated with lawnmowers, leaf blowers and other maintenance tools.

Always wear a light cotton shirt when doing yard work; the cotton absorbs sweat and keeps you cool when it’s hot out. If you need protection from debris, a heavy long-sleeved shirt over your cotton shirt can offer you protection.

Your shirt layers provide a barrier that protects your skin from the sun, but you still need to wear sunscreen when you plan on spending a lot of time outside. Put sunscreen on your whole body; when your shirts get wet from perspiration, the sun’s rays can penetrate your shirt’s material and burn your skin.

Always put on workwear quality pants when doing yard work; if you wear pants that are too baggy, you risk catching them on things. You don’t want to do that when you are handling dangerous machinery like a lawnmower or cutting shears. Most people find that tennis shoes offer the traction and protection their feet need; always carefully check your shoes to make sure that the laces are tied tight. You don’t want to trip and fall while doing your work.

If you dress smart, stay aware of your surroundings and remove debris from your yard, yard work is very safe. Simple precautions can help guarantee that you never experience a freak accident while working outdoors.