Just the Thing I need

My father has been bugging me non-stop about buying him a excellent john pearse armrest ebony. I can definitely buy him anything he wants and beside I do want to spoil him every now and then as a way of returning all the things that he did for me.

The problem about that thing that he is asking for is that I just bought one a couple of weeks ago. I tried explaining to him that the one that we previously brought isn’t even a month old so there is really no reason for us to buy another one. But after a long explaining and the truth is I was starting to lose my patience he said that he want to buy it because he wants to give it to me so that we both have the same thing.

I was completely speechless when I heard his reason. I can’t believe that even now that I am all grown up my father still thinks that he needs to keep on giving me the best things any way he can. So at the end of the day I told him that he will drive to the shopping mall to look for it.