Not Your Regular Day Off

My girlfriend and I were out on a stroll last Sunday—we went to the place where we first met, with the vintage boutiques and fancy restaurants all lined up along the block. She was just enjoying her day off from work but little did she know that I had something else planned that day. I was going to propose to her. I had the whole thing planned for weeks and I was just waiting for the right time to sweep her off her feet.

Anyway, we passed by a jewelry store (where I bought the engagement ring and asked them to put it on display that day) and I pulled her inside. She was pointing at variety diamond rings and I pointed out to the one I bought for her. The clerk gave it to us and I put it on my girlfriend’s ring finger—she thought we were just trying it out for fun but when I popped the question, she realized it was the real thing! She said YES!!! (whew!)