Efficient Way to Handle Cash Care Of Kaiku

The Kaiku prepaid Visa can open up a world of possibilities for you. It is a prepaid reloadable card that allows you to spend and transfer money as well as get cash. The fees are low and the monthly service charge is only $1.95. You will never have to worry about going over your credit limit or paying interest with Kaiku. Details about the impressive features are below.

  • The mobile services are convenient and you can visit your account online at m.kaiku.com.
  • The customer service center is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The representatives are live and extremely helpful.
  • You can withdraw cash in the United States and overseas. Kaiku gives you access to a large ATM network. There are convenient locations in every state, Mexico, Canada, Australia and England.
  • You can sign up for direct deposit. Your money will be available automatically on your payday and you can avoid paying check cashing fees.
  • The Kaiku Karma is a referral program. When a friend you refer spends at least $100 within 3 months of activating their card you will be rewarded $10!
  • There is a minimal cost of 0.95 for sending money to another U.S. bank account.

Try the Kaiku prepaid Visa. It is an ideal product for managing your money. It has great features and the fees are reasonable.