What’s in your bag?

Girls can never go around without a bag or without a beauty tool in their pockets – be it a comb, a lipstick. Oh well, I am like that. I can never leave the house without anything. I do not even like bringing a bag when I party with friends because too much of a hassle but I make sure I have one tiny lipstick in my pocket.

My bag though is a mess. My friends would even say it’s like a garbage can. Somehow, it is. I put some of my trash in my bag. I’d rather put it there than throw it anywhere. Receipts (I always keep them), wallet, ids, empty snack bags (too lazy to find a trash bin), make-ups everywhere (a lot of lipsticks, foundation, mascara, eyeliner and powder), gadgets (phone, i-pod and I bring my laptop always so I can work whenever) and wires and chords and earphone– just imagine all of that in one bag!