Nothing to Fear: Why a Bra Fitting Will Ensure Comfort

When looking for a new bra, there is certainly plenty of choice available but you’d be surprised how many women don’t understand the importance of a professional bra fitting to ensure comfort, style and good health.

A bra fitting might not be everyone’s ideal way to spend time when out and about shopping but so many women today are missing out on both comfort and style. Having a good fitting bra is not just about how it looks, although that is important, it is also about feeling comfortable and preventing any pain or discomfort that you might suffer when wearing a poorly fitting bra.

Happy Health

Many women don’t even realize it but wearing the wrong bra can lead to a multitude of health problems, including back and shoulder pain. The wrong bra can cause rubbing, blisters, pain when exercising and bad posture – all of which you can avoid with something as simple as a professional bra fitting. And don’t believe the rumours that women with larger breasts are ‘prone’ to more health problems than smaller breasted women. The truth is the wrong bra will cause problems no matter what size you are. Finding the right size of bra and strap length can make a world of difference to everyone from A cups to GG cups and above.

Make It Fun

The great thing about a professional bra fitting is that it ensures that you are getting the right shape and size bra for your needs and it only takes a few minutes. However, some women feel embarrassed about going through this alone and this is why they often end up with ill-fitting bras. A high percentage of women walk around every day with the wrong bra size on and so, if the idea of a solo visit is putting you off, why not take a friend along? A day out shopping, a nice lunch and then a shared experience with someone you trust and feel comfortable with is a great way to overcome your fears about bra fittings. And the best part is that at the end of the day, you’ll both be going home looking and feeling great.

Feeling Good

Another benefit of the right bra is how you will feel about yourself. A lot of women’s worries about their breasts stem from how they look, especially when wearing something more revealing such as a low-cut top or dress. Getting a professional bra fitting will not only ensure you have the right shape but it is also an opportunity to ask an expert for advice about which bras look best with different types of clothes. Nowadays you can find halter neck bras, strapless bras and t-shirt bras that allow you to tailor your bra to suit the outfit and the occasion. A properly supported bust will not only make your cleavage look better but it will also lift up your shoulders, stop any slouching in your posture and can even make your stomach look flatter! Not bad for an everyday bra, is it?