Mother of the Bride Dress: Second Most Important

I personally believe that next to the bridal gown, the second most important dress in a wedding is the Mother Of The Bride Dress. It is quite typical for the guests to gaze in awe at a blooming bride and then turn to the look of her mom out of curiosity. Hence the bride’s mother should certainly look her best and this includes wearing a stunning dress that flatters her exceptionally.

Whether this dress will be bought from a store or custom-made by a dressmaker or couturier, the important factors that should be taken into account include the figure or size of the mom, her personality and sense of fashion, and her skin color. Based on these, an appropriate and stylish design ought to be chosen. Of course this must be accentuated too by embellishments such as appliques, bead work, and jewelry.

It is also important for the mother of the bride to have the right attitude and the amount of confidence to carry the beautiful dress effectively and to stand out in the crowd. After all, she has a major role to play during the rites and the reception and this kind of occasion is only once-in-a-lifetime.