How to Buy Lingerie as A Gift

Watch any of the department store adverts around Christmas or Valentine’s day and it’s clear that buying lingerie as a gift is still very popular. However, it’s also an incredibly risky gift. Underwear needs to fit perfectly or it’s useless – nobody wants a pair of baggy pants or a too tight bra!

If it’s being bought as a surprise there may be some surreptitious research involved. If it’s for someone who shares a house simply have a sneaky peek at the size of the existing items in the laundry circulation, and when it comes to bras write the sizes down exactly. Although most shops will happily exchange unworn items with a gift receipt, it’s nicer to get the correct size.

If it’s for someone who lives apart it might be harder to have a look at their underwear label (without looking a little odd). In which case, go for something based on dress sizes instead such as silk pyjamas and a matching chiffon dressing gown. Add a pair of retro heeled marabou slippers for 50’s pinup chic.

And choosing the right item aside, there’s the embarrassment factor to contend with as well. Shops are heaving in December and it’s not the easiest time to go browsing for delicates. The wise thing to do is make the most of online shopping. With the availability of mobile versions of websites becoming the norm, it’s even possible to shop on the go, utilising time that might be wasted: sat in a dentist waiting room, catching the bus home, or even while watching TV.

Choosing a trusted brand can make all the difference, and Freya goes up to a K cup meaning no more compromising for a perfect fit. As many larger busted ladies know, finding generous but pretty styles is often difficult, so browse Bras Galore to see how fashion and function can be synonymous. Of course, don’t forget to clear your browsing history otherwise your other half might cotton on to what you’re planning.

Buying underwear is such a personal thing, if the wrong choice is made it’ll go down very badly. Therefore, if the recipient is more hot cocoa than cool champagne, underwear and nightwear doesn’t have to be lacy. A gorgeous pair of flannel lounge pants with a fluffy pair of sheepskin house boots might be a wiser purchase. And if even the idea of buying relatively safe nightwear worries you, go for the ultimate in nocturnal luxury instead: silk sheets. Make every night a special night.