Halloween Arts and Crafts

The holiday that children enjoy most is hands down the creepiest and spookiest. Halloween celebrates a tradition of dressing up and scaring the heck of each other every year at the end of October. If you really want to take it up a notch and do something more than dress up, here are some Halloween arts and crafts for your home. Not only will they be fun for you and your children, but they will entertain the fun trick or treat goers!

The idea of Halloween decorations is to make them see realistic. One of the easiest crafts for children of any age is paper bats. All you need is black construction paper and an outline of a bat. If you have smaller children, take a cardboard square, and make your own bat stencil so they can use it themselves. The bats can be placed right on the wall or hanging from the ceiling with string. If you have enough, you might feel like you are in a real life bat cave and your kids will too!

Since pumpkins are the most common decoration for Halloween, your yard should be full of them. If you do not want to go through the messy hassle of working with pumpkins, there is a substitute. Take an empty milk gallon and clean it out. You can take orange finger paint and cover the gallon on the outside. Then you can take black sharpie once the paint is dried and draw on the jack-o-lantern face, just like you would on a pumpkin. Some other ways to use the gallon is to keep it unpainted and just put an orange candle instead. Once the candle is lit, the pumpkin will glow and give the galloon and orange effect.

Another traditional Halloween object is the witch’s hat. You can either make a witch’s hat to wear or use as decoration. All you need is some paper plates and black construction paper. Take the paper plate and paint it black. Once it dries, take the paper and make it into a three dimensional triangle to go on top. This should also be painted black so it can have the shiny, satin effect. To add more pizazz to the hat, add spider’s web and plastic eyeballs. Glitter is a fun addition as well and any color works. For moms who do not want to dress up in a costume, the witch’s hat can be turned into the costume on Halloween night!

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