Finding a Fun But Practical Handbag

Handbags seem to fall into one of two categories in people’s minds, either fun or practical. Shops fuel this by displaying teeny, tiny little evening bags in one window display and big, bland everyday bags in another, absolutely worlds apart. This might suit those who like to keep work and home life separate, but there are plenty of people who want to inject a bit of personality into their regular armwear.

Kipling bags are one of the few brands that simultaneously straddles bright but sturdy designs. The Alvar bag for example comes in fuchsia, turquoise and purple for those who want to make a statement, but also in grey if a neutral tone is desired. The cross body design makes it perfect for mums who need to keep their hands free for a pushchair. The zip top design is secure and great for keeping everything in place when running for a bus!

Satchels are still a huge trend, and offer a roomy option for those who might need to pop a tablet or netbook in their bag. Fossil have some great stripy coated canvas satchels, providing a little more protection for electronics if the weather turns. From a security point of view, it’s not as obvious what’s being carried either, unlike if a specific netbook bag is being used.

Satchels are just as popular with men as they are with ladies, and comic book prints or retro logos keep them bright and modern. The traditional boxy briefcase of the past has been replaced by funky backpacks and looser, cooler briefcases. Boutique brands and reissued 1970s classics are leading this revolution in men’s bags.

Back to the ladies though, finding that blend of a bag that can go from work desk to wine bar is a little trickier. Leather is a smart option, but choosing a patent finish makes it a bit more fun. Select a block colour for the bag but with contrasting fastenings and handle for maximum impact. A navy blue patent bag with rose gold trimmings for example will turn heads without being garish.

For those who need to carry their whole life with them, a bucket bag can be like a mobile Tardis. The simple shape can carry embellishment well, so a textured finish (beading, crystals etc.) won’t get lost, nor will it look overbearing. Ultimately, with a bit of careful shopping, it is possible to find the fun in functional.