Top ‘Trends’ All Men Should Avoid

It’s easy for men to get carried away with fashion and make the wrong choices when it comes to the latest seasonal styles.

While it is great for men to be aware of the latest trends in men’s designer clothing and high street attire, it is also vital they pick and choose what suits them rather than trying too hard to be ‘on trend’.

Here is a guide to just a few ‘fashion’ trends men should avoid at all costs:

T-shirts that show your ‘man’ cleavage

Women have been revealing their cleavages in sexy tops and dresses for decades, but when men do it – it just doesn’t have the same effect. In fact, it makes you appear vain and screams ‘look at me’.

Short suits

This very new trend of wearing tailored shorts with a matching jacket may seem like a great idea for the warmer months, but it can turn you from handsome male into schoolboy in an instant. Nothing beats the classic look of a sharp, well-cut traditional suit.


This is the male equivalent to the female version of leggings. It is one of those items which should definitely be given a wide berth. They may look good on the opposite sex, but this is not a good look for men. Stick to your skinny jeans if you do want something tight fitting.

Showing off your underwear

It seems to be increasingly fashionable for men to wear their trousers or jeans low-slung to reveal their underwear. This fashion faux pas is on a par with women showing off their thongs above their jeans. A bit of advice – pull your jeans up and wear a belt, while leaving something to the imagination.

Pastel colours

Baby pinks and blues, lemons and lilacs look great on babies but not men. Fashion-forward enthusiasts may think they can rock these colours, but only a select few can actually pull them off. In general, they should be left well alone.

Leather trousers

If you are a rock star – fine. If you are just a regular man wearing a pair of these – not fine! Leather is making yet another comeback and while a quality leather jacket can look very cool, wearing leather on the bottom half is a risky choice. Not only will you end up sweaty and uncomfortable but you may look like an eighties throwback.

Bright flower power shirts

Unless you are a hippy, or want to draw lots of attention to yourself, steer clear of wearing this unsightly style. You are guaranteed to find anyone who likes to make himself known wearing one of these. Save it for the beach fancy dress party!

Funny t-shirts

It’s always great to inject a little fun into the outfit you are wearing – as long as the joke isn’t on you. These types of t-shirts are great for youngsters but don’t have the same effect if you are much older. Stick to something more stylish rather than trying to be humorous, it rarely pays off.