The Best Way to Enhance Your Natural Fragrance

We can tell our friends everything from the wrong choice of clothes, shoes, belt, accessories and even the wrong pick of lip and hair color. But definitely, it is very hard to tell someone that he or she smells. Nobody likes smelly companions be it a man or a woman. Smell tells of one’s hygiene. It really turns the opposite sex off if one is smelly, unless of course he or she also smells bad. Usually, people with bad smell are alone. If you want to be alone, then smell bad. If you want people near you, take the effort to smell nice.

Bacteria that accumulate in the body due to poor hygiene are very hard to eliminate. Have you ever wondered that even if you take a bath many times a day, you still smell bad after a few hours? Sometimes, you are frustrated because you have already used deodorants, antibacterial soaps and you even use perfumes, but you still smell bad. The thing is, you really have to eliminate the bacteria.

The solutions to eliminate this biggest problem are lemon, detergent and fabric conditioner. Slice a lemon. Then rub it in your armpits or the areas that smell. If you have more areas to cover, squeeze more lemons. Let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes. Then use a detergent soap before rinsing. Fabric conditioners will do wonders to improve your smell. Remember, you don’t just improve your body smell but your clothes’ as well. Once you have eliminated the bacteria that cause bad odors, it’s time to invest on perfumes. Perfumes should enhance the natural fragrance of your body, not cover its foul smell.

People like to be around clean and fresh-smelling people. Smell can really repel others, so one must take time and effort to smell and look nice.