Signs of Aging

I’ve been in the construction industry for more than 30 years now. Earlier today, while working on a new project, I was feeling a bit out of sorts. My backache didn’t go away the whole morning and I couldn’t even raise my arms for too long. Our employer—my boss for more than six years—took pity and gave me a day off but I refused to accept the offer. Staying home will only make me feel older and weaker. As a compromise, I focused on a lighter workload such as preparing and loading equipment or running errands.

At one point, a fellow worker was looking for a hinge and I volunteered to do it for him. After almost an hour of searching, I couldn’t find one anywhere—not even the humongous piano hinge we used to keep downstairs. I was about to do another round of searching when I finally spotted what I was looking for—it’s been right in front of me all along! It has been a really frustrating day for me. I guess the years are finally taking its toll on my body and I’m already showing signs of aging.