Girls’ Best Friend

My favorite kind of jewelry is something that is made up of pearl. Well I don’t know maybe because it can be combined to any dress and it looks very tranquil. In the Philippines, there are rumors in the Philippines that if you will wear pearl if you are single, you will not be able to marry. You’ll grow old without anyone but I don’t believe in that. I always wear different colors of pearl because it looks good and simple. Mikimoto brand in Japan produce the best pearls.

Diamonds are my second favorite because no matter what happens these are girl’s best friend. It shines very much and it will never stop shining. When you purchase you have to know the carat, color, cut and the clarity to have the best. Good gems are found in India specifically Rajasthan n Janpur India where it is the epicenter for shopping gems. In South America you will see most of the emeralds while you will see rubies in Myanmar.