Fashionistas or Attention Seekers? Celebrity Fashion

With designer clothes filling their wardrobes, stylists on hand to help them dress to impress and the novelty of never having to wear the same outfit twice, there simply is no excuse for celebrities to step out in questionable outfits that are more of a train wreck than a high fashion ensemble. Fashion is all about personal interpretation, whether you customise your looks with the help of fashion sites such as or adhere to the structured trends found on the catwalk. Whatever your fashion preference an element of personality should shine through to make the look unique and true to your style. Celebrities are notorious for using fashion to make a bold statement that reflects their attitudes and need for attention.

In recent years certain celebrities have used their outfits to secure the spotlight, the more outrageous the look the more attention and column inches are achieved prompting a flurry of celebrities to follow this successful marketing technique. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the famous faces that fully embrace fashion and use it as a way of reflecting their inner class and formulate it to become a central part of their careers. Elegant looks and high fashion trends create a superior persona for these celebs and they achieve the spotlight in a far more underwhelming and subtle way.

It is fair to ask, which celebrities are genuinely interested in fashion? Or do a majority simply use clothes, or a lack of, to promote themselves and shock the public into taking notice of them?

Repeat Offenders

There are celebrities that regularly hit the headlines and not necessarily for the right reasons. The worst culprits seem to stem from the music industry as they fiercely compete against one another to be the ultimate pop star.

Rihanna has a varied style, she can range from outlandish and skin bearing to classy and elegant, no two days are the same. Her style is expressed through the outfits she wears and the clothing line she has with high street store River Island as people battle to emulate her fashion focus. Miley Cyrus is a new entry to this list, the former Disney star has become infatuated with flaunting her body and favours PVC underwear and shirts with no trousers in her bid to outshine other female singers.

Without a doubt, the most outrageous pop singer is Lady Gaga. Her meat dress at the 2010 VMA’s left audiences shocked and appalled yet it was probably the only outfit that was remembered from that event. Her ‘costumes’ are more infamous than her music yet she has made millions and her profile is higher than most singers.

Setting an Example

Some of the higher class celebrities indulge in high fashion looks and regularly contribute to the world of fashion with their own designs and interpretations.

Victoria Beckham has transformed herself from pop star to WAG to true fashionista. She has a highly successful clothing line and is now famous in her own right. Her looks scream sophistication and elegance and she is a rising star in the fashion world.

Two former reality stars are also now known for their passion surrounding clothes. Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo both originate from The Hills and used the reality show as a platform to boost them into the world of fashion with high powered employment positions in the industry as well as clothing ranges and regular mentions in the media for their fashion interpretations.

Notable Mention

There are those in the celebrity world that try hard to get it right with their fashion choices but aren’t quite as successful as they would like. Kim Kardashian for example is the perfect clotheshorse for skinny jeans and blazers and bodycon dresses but high fashion still seems to be a way off. She is trying however, with the strong fashion influence of Kanye West and she certainly deserves a mention for sheer effort.