Decorating your First Home

There are few things more exciting than unlocking the front door to your own home for the first time. Whether rented or mortgaged, your home is your castle, and you want it to reflect your style and personality. From floor lamps to feature walls, decorating is all about putting your stamp on a place. Here are some tips for making your house a home.

On the walls

The right colour can transform any room into a warm and welcoming space. Check out vintage shades for a subtle, romantic atmosphere, or go for bold primaries for a party vibe. You don’t have to paint the whole place – an accent wall is a great way to bring a room together, and if you get bored, it’s easy to change! Snazzy wallpaper and decals are perfect for creating a big impact in a small area.

Light up

Bare bulbs swinging from overhead fittings are so not a good look. Perfect lighting is all about creating space and atmosphere. Floor lamps are great for focussing attention on specific areas, like a picture or wall hanging. Wall lights give soft, low level light, creating a cosy feeling in the room. Think about investing in dimmer switches, so you can control the brightness in the space.

Picture perfect

A couple of band posters pasted to the ceiling was good enough when you were a teenager, but a new home means upgrading your style. Putting your posters in frames will add elegance and interest to any room. You can make your own artwork with blank canvases – collages and patterns are easy to do. Splash out on some new frames to give your work the finishing touches.

Upgrade your stuff

A fab way to add personality to your home is by upgrading your old furniture. Swap tatty door handles for sleek silver pulls, or replace drawer knobs with antique glass ones. The right accessories and ornaments can turn a worn-out bedside table into something vintage and glamorous, fit for a movie star!