Where to Wear Your Tetris Costume With Pride

In 1984 Tetris was introduced to Russia, and then the world. Despite its simple nature, Tetris is still regarded as one of the best games around. With the ever-changing popularity of trends, one can wonder why Tetris has maintained our interest levels for so long. It seems no matter what comes along, those colourful little blocks will always be held close to our heart.

Like many, you are probably grown up and are enjoying many different things now, but why forget one of your fondest childhood memories? Unique company, Morph Costume Co. have recently launched a new range of Tetris™ costumes based on the Tetris® game, which we all know and love too much. With everybody dressing up for a variety of occasions, it’s important to stay on top of the game and follow the trends.

Why not go for your all-time favourite game, Tetris? The popular costumes are ‘pop up’ ones that can be prepared in under a minute, and they will ensure you’re bringing a realistic visual of the game to whatever occasion you wish. Wondering where to attend in this fresh and innovative Tetris costume?

Football games

People often travel across the country to support their football team, and they’re always looking for ways to add to the fun and make the day as memorable as possible. So, if you and the guys are all travelling several hours on a train, then why not spice it up a little bit and take your favourite game with you? With different colours and shapes, you and your friends can stand out together.

Fancy dress parties

Who doesn’t like dressing up for a fancy dress party? From cartoon characters, animals and much more, people will dress up and aim to be the “best dressed” at the party, so why can’t you be the winner by wearing you Tetris costume? Remind everybody of their childhood memories by turning up in these retro, stylish costumes.


There’s nothing quite like a major festival. Watching several quality bands, drinking too many tasty drinks and having a great time with your friends. Wearing your Tetris costume to a festival can only add to the experience. People will be reminded of their love of the game, and will therefore be more open to talking to you. With you adding to the already fun atmosphere, you’re sure to have one of the best days of your life.

Charity events

We all love charitable events, and we all enjoy watching people do silly things, this perhaps explains why people are willing to pay so much for random actions. If you’re planning on doing a charity event such as the Race for Life, why not get extra sponsorship money by running in your costume? People will be happy to help a good cause, and they’ll be happy to see you make a fool of yourself. So why not stand out, have fun and help a good cause.

We all love to have fun and we all love Tetris, so why not combine the two? There are many other types of events that would be suitable for your new costume, but these suggestions will get you started.