Scrubs and Patients Perceptions

Believe it or not, the scrubs you are wearing influence how your patients perceive you. Yes, this is highly possible. In fact, several studies were made on this, and according to them, some patients tend to gauge the professionalism of health specialist based on the color, and even the type of uniform that they are wearing; see National Center for Biotechnology Information page for more details. With that in mind, there is no doubt that scrubs affect your patient’s perception too.

Multi-Colored Environment- Lively color is synonymous to fun, or playfulness. When you wear these types of scrubs, you are perceived to be a “cool” and friendly medical practitioner as opposed to the more common white or green scrubs. Aside from that, children are less likely to be intimidated when you are wearing colorful scrubs, such as those seen in, instead of the white one. Kids will likely approach you if you are wearing patterned or different toned scrubs.

Uniformity and Professionalism- White, blue, and green scrubs are very common. However, children have a great aversion for them, especially when it comes to the white uniform of medical professionals. Nevertheless, adults perceive these colors to be more professional in nature. A doctor or nurse who wears the white or blue scrubs is held in high esteem by their clients. Apart from that, they can be easily identified by the patients, reducing confusion inside the hospital.

Before Buying Scrubs- Now that you know how patients perceive you when on your scrubs, you have to be selective when buying one. Consider the place where you will be assigned, as well as your expertise. If you are going to work with children, it may be better to wear something colorful to get their trust. In the meantime, if you are going to deal with adults or geriatrics, then it is best to suit up in blue or white to convey professionalism. For different colored scrubs, visit

Your scrubs play a huge role in your life as a health professional. You wear it every day, and it is considered as your uniform, a way to identify you as a doctor, nurse, or even dentist. With that in mind, you should be careful when getting one, lest you want to lose the trust of your patients.