Purses For Busy Women

Many women love purses and collect them. They may have one to go with each pair of shoes, but frankly, I think that is a bit excessive. Mothers with small children seem to have large cavernous purses so that they can carry half the house around with them. My sister always has just about everything that you might need in her purse. Everything but the kitchen sink as they say.

Other women prefer small purses. Some are so small that they cannot even get a wallet into them. These are great for casual days, or if you also carry a briefcase, so have extra room for other things elsewhere. A third group like a very organized purse with plenty of pockets, both zippered and not; this allows the women to have a place for everything, and everything in its place. Over the years I have collected a number of purses from all three types, and I certainly prefer the third variety best. My favorite by Roots has gone all over the world with me. It has plenty of zippered pockets on the outside and on the inside, so I can easily organize myself. Busy women all over choose what works best for them.