Different Occasions Where Suits Are Necessary

Today, men avoid wearing suits because they do not want to be too formal. Yet wearing a suit gives a man many benefits to his character. There are many different occasions where wearing a suit is necessary whether it’s a job interview, business, court proceeding, church, wedding or going on a date and each event has proper suit requirements. Men will usually choose a suit jacket first and go from there. Suit jackets are single or double breasted and chosen based on preference. Pants with or without cuffs are based on preference as well.

Job Interview

A man should always wear a suit to a job interview. Even if the position is casual dress, he should always dress to impress because you can never be overdressed for an interview. When a man wears a suit to an interview, it states that he is professional and serious about the position. Selecting a memorable yet professional tie is also important.


It is important to make a good impression at work and a suit means business. It shows you care about your job. A suit will also make you feel more confident and professional. We judge people based on their looks and sharply dressed man, is never underestimated.

Court Proceedings

Whenever appearing in court, men should always wear suits. Court proceedings tend to be quite formal and conservative. Men should wear three-piece suits with a vest to court proceedings. They may also want to use pocket squares or handkerchiefs when in court.


Men should always wear suits to any kind of church events such as baptisms and church weddings unless it requires special ethic dress. Otherwise, it is always best to stay conservative when attending church services.


Today, some couples will ask their guests to wear dressy yet casual attire to their weddings. However, a man should always wear a suit to a wedding unless the invitation specifically states otherwise. A man who attends a casual wedding should still wear dress pants with a sports coat.

Going On a Date

Men should always wear a suit on a first date. It makes a great impression on a prospective relationship. Wearing a suit on a date gives a man opportunity to show his sense of style. This is a best time to be trendy in a suit which you can’t do in the office.

There are more places where wearing a suit is required but these are the most common and necessary to be aware of. It’s best for every man to own at least one custom tailored suit that they can wear when these events come up. Men can generally wear whatever feels best on them but should remember the reason for the occasion and adjust their dress style accordingly.