Basic Skin Care Before Bedtime

After a very exhausting day, all you want to do is to go home and get under the sheets. Sometimes you are so tired you even forget to treat yourself to dinner or worse, deliberately ditching the shower. For a more restful sleep, it is imperative to do skin care before bedtime. Take time to consider that basic skin care before bedtime is as important as breakfast at the start of the day.

Hydrate. Drink a glass before going to bed and after waking up.

Cleanse. A shower before bed removes accumulated dirt and odor on the body. Get rid of the makeup by using petroleum jelly. Vaseline is a good choice. Then, wash your face to remove excess oil and makeup and to unclog the pores. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser works really well on all skin types. For oily skin, use Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads can help cleanse a little bit more. It has salicylic acid that deep-cleans pores and removes makeup and the glycolic acid treats black heads. Use warm water to cleanse and cool water to rinse.

Moisturize. After removing the excess oil, the skin becomes drier and more prone to irritation that it is at daytime. Apply a moisturizer before bed. Remember that SPF-containing moisturizers are for daytime and night creams are used at night. If your skin is oily, avoid or only apply thinly on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).

Protect. At night when the body is at rest, the body’s natural cell-repairing process is at its peak. Support your body’s defense system by applying anti-aging creams.

Sleep. Get a sufficient amount of sleep. Do not sleep on your face. The skin on your face is compressed and circulation is inadequate. This creates creases and wrinkles. It is more advisable to use satin or smooth pillowcase to prevent the creases to form on your face.