The 5 Essential Beauty Products for Extra Hot Days

We love summer, except for the fact that, in between hot and humid days and sweatiness, there isn’t much room to enjoy your regular beauty routine. The good news is that you can update it for the summer, in order to meet it with your best smile on.

1. Sunscreen… with a twist

If you’re adult enough to wear make-up and beauty products, you’re probably (or, rather, hopefully) mature enough to understand that UV rays are not to be taken lightly. It’s essential to use sunscreen, in any form or texture – if the spectrum of skin disease doesn’t daunt you yet, consider aging effects. Research has shown that up to 60 per cent of people who ignored using sunscreen up to the age of 30 reported looking older during a self-perceived personal image test. In terms of what kind of sunscreen to use, the choice is, of course, all yours. If we’re to make any recommendations, we’d definitely spring for sunscreen lotions that also moisturize the skin, such as sunscreen milk, or moisturizer with SPF.

2. Waterproof mascara that lasts and lasts

One of women’s pet peeves with waterproof mascara is that it also tends to leave the lashes looking dry and brittle. However, some newer formulas also hydrate the hairs on your lids, leaving them to look long and luscious. Other types of waterproof mascara highly recommended for this summer are those which also come with the added perk of volume or lash lifting. Finally, for an extra touch of beauty security in the heat, you can always use a topcoat layer that comes in a non-intrusive transparent color.

3. Eyeliner in summer? Definitely!

Since eyeliner is the go-to solution for most ladies’ beauty routines, it goes without saying that many of them suffer in summer. When sweat is dripping out of your every pore (literally), you become hard-pressed to keep any of your make-up one – and eye-liner in darker tones is particularly difficult to manage. However, commercial brands have started to address this issue and are now producing eye-liners and pencils that were designed with summer in mind. Glide-on pencils are a good idea, if your look requires precision. For a more boho chic style, you can always opt for an eyeliner that can be easily and effectively smudged.

4. No more clogged pores

Another major nuisance in summer is the one caused by concealer, foundation, and blush powders. Our educated tip is to always opt for liquid formulas in summer, since powders, no matter how smooth or compact will inevitably come to clog your pores because of the humidity. Seek out a liquid make up brand of foundation that also comes with some SPF, in order to keep your facial skin a-glow, impeccable and protected throughout the day. The added bonus: no more clogging – forget all about that uncomfortable, mask-like feeling on your skin.

5. Colors a-plenty

Summer is that one season when just about anyone, no matter how gloomy they may be throughout the rest of the year. But the problem with products like eye shadow or blush is that they’re essentially powdered. And the problem with powder and humidity is, well… clogging and clumping. This is why waterproof eye shadow is a genuine blessing. To enhance your natural summer-y good looks, also consider using a tint of bronzer on your cheeks – there are plenty of good products out there.