Shopping: Between Addiction and Joy

Nowadays, if you ask a thirteen years old girl: “What you like to do to enjoy your free time?” She will tell you quickly: “Sure, I like shopping”. Our teenage are consumers. They are habituated with shopping and buying things that they don’t really need.

For the majority of people, shopping means buying some new clothes or a small gift for a friend. For others, shopping is much more than a pleasure pastime. In many situations, it is a negative and destructive addiction that can turn into a financial catastrophe. While shopping, you can buy a lot of clothes or accessories. You will be able to choose what you want to buy then you will have to precise its style and color. You can buy shirts, jackets, pants, hats, underwear.

Shopping is like the battery; it has its positive side and its negative side. You can shop sometimes by not all the days. But, the most important attitude that you should have is to know how to control your desire and your need.