Sarah’s Project to Conquer Climate Change

Weather changes have drastically altered our way of life. The horrific forces will certainly affect our water supply. This kind of change will disrupt our energy, air, food agriculture, wild lands wildlife, proliferation and sustenance of our communities. 1,100 counties will experience this terror by mid century.

Sarah Mischa has started a project for adaptation. She invited a group of scientists to view the progress she has done to this project. These scientists were composed of brilliant minds that have given their efforts to prevent climate change in their own spare time. They were met by Sarah’s greenhouse of the future. Because of the steel tube bending coming out of the greenhouse, like a robot from transformers, they called it Megatron. Sarah is able to turn spoiled food goop into water. The mechanism is simple and crudely made. However with the help of these scientists, we are assured of our children’s future.