Role of the Junior Bridesmaid

Weddings are also social event that unites people even if they’re from both sides of the world. Brides would list down the names of their other family members to be one of their wedding entourage; the same is true with the groom. The family members of the bride and the groom fill the parts of the primary sponsors, secondary sponsors, bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, junior bridesmaid, candle bearer, and flower girls, etc. As the bride walks down the aisle, the junior bridesmaid of the wedding entourage also dreams of their future wedding with their ideal man.

Junior bridesmaids are sometimes the youngest sister, cousins, and other youngest family friend of both the bride and the groom. They are too old to be flower girls and too young to be a bridesmaid. Junior bridesmaids have an important part in the bridal party and the wedding ceremonies. Junior bridesmaids also wear the same dress color as the full-pledged bridesmaids do. Most of the junior bridesmaids are teenagers who are beginning to construct image of wedding in their head. This serves as an inspiration for them to discover who they really are, what are their personality and who they would like to be with; in the future.

The different wedding blogs in the internet shows to us that junior bridesmaids have important roles in every wedding ceremony. Mostly, the essence of these roles is not always explained with the junior bridesmaids. We have been too focused on how the junior bridesmaids should look in the wedding ceremonies, who their partners should be and how should they behave in social events such as this. We have neglected the values they must learn since they are just beginning to grow and know themselves better.

Maybe it is time to inculcate within the minds of the junior bridesmaids that they can be the most beautiful bride in the future if they’ll learn how to handle their lives. They can find someone to be with them forever if they have the right attitude and right values just like the other beautiful brides of wedding ceremonies that they once attended.