Refine Your Tastes Wines and What to Look for

So you have a glass of wine on a daily basis or every once in a while, but how do you really evaluate a wine? Well, there are 3 important factors in a wine: color, smell, and taste. The color of wine varies. Other than white and red, the tint of color indicates a lot about the wine. For red wines, the color varies from ruby, maroon, cherry, and sometimes reaches a brownish color. As red wine ages, it loses color, becoming clearer. For White wine, the color varies between light green, golden, pale-yellow, and amber. As white wine ages it gains color becoming less clear.

The smell of wine can be nutty, spicy, herbal, fruity, floral, or earthy. As for the taste, is it light-bodied or full bodied? Is the flavor acidic or sweet? Tannic or dry and bitter? Spicy or tasteless? Does it leave a long aftertaste or does it completely disappear a short while later? A great wine is balanced and leaves a long aftertaste to enjoy.