Kate’s Educational Travel Experience

Kate is an avid traveller. She has visited different countries in the past three years. In that sense, she kept a blog for her travelogues and online diary. Many of her readers emulated her love of travel because of her remarkable writing style and useful tips. As a result, she has a huge fan base on Facebook and Twitter. Amazingly, Kate’s favorite activity is an education travel escapade. She used to participate in school outings and excursions with educational purposes.

Kate has experienced visiting museums and zoos in different places. However, one of the unforgettable things that she experienced is riding an elephant in Thailand. For her, it was a scary and challenging experience that she was able to overcome. With the help of her companions, Kate was able to complete the task with aplomb. Basically, she learned about massive animals during the trip. She also learned the culture of the people in the said country.