Gift Ideas for Father and Son

The government has been harping on about how family is the key to building a more solid community. Well, the truth is that fathers have to be the biggest role model in a family, but especially in a young boy’s life. A father should be someone to look up to and hold in the highest possible regard; a man who leads by example.

However, some fathers struggle to build a rapport as they have to work so much that they get every little time to grow a bond while the child is young. Playing and working together is a great way for dads to become closer to their sons and there are some truly great ways for fathers and sons to do useful things together that can help cement a budding relationship. Here are some great gifts that can extenuate the bond:


More and more men are cooking in the home with the rise of celebrity chefs on TV making it far more common for men to be hanging around the kitchen cooking up a storm. Children love to cook and get messy, but there should be a fun element in there as well. Baking some like cookies will always be something a child wants to do and with dinosaur and safari cookie cutters from The Great Gift Company you can make a mundane cooking lesson a fun thing to do.

Sporting and outside

There’s nothing more evocative for a man and his boy than playing football together; it’s fun for the child and heart-warming for the dad as it brings back happy memories. Why not perfect your ball skills with a foam ball and metal goal that can give endless hours of fun for both dad and son on barmy hot summer days (if we get any of those occasionally in the UK). However, if you are not sports mad, but green fingered then get a young boy a pretend lawnmower, so that when they have to be outside doing chores, the boy can join in too and feel involved.


Some men love nothing more than a bit of DIY, so getting a gift that they can build together is something to truly bring father and son closer together. You could contemplate something as extravagant as a garden house or stick to something more conventional like Meccano. Whether it is this or something as simple as building a small car that comes in a million different pieces then it can keep an adult and a boy entertained for hours.