Ballet Flats are Great for the Mall

Whenever I see girls wearing ballet flats outdoor, I had this impression that they could be real ballet dancers who were just so used to wearing flat shoes that even when they are not on stage or in the studio they just simply choose similar footwear. But that was my misconception. I found out that many shoe shops and boutiques sell ballet flats like hotcakes because many girls find them very comfortable for long leisurely walks. Just like going out for shopping or to the malls, I was told that ballet flats are the most convenient footwear any girl can choose.

So I also did try that out and got my own ballet flats out of curiosity. I think they are really very comfy when it comes to walking around the mall or along flat nicely paved streets. But I once wore ballet shoes when I was out for a walk just around the park. I had blisters when I went back home. It wasn’t a fantastic choice if you will walk for a couple of miles, I guess.