A Business Lesson Learned

Learning about army challenge coins was a blessing in disguise. At first I had no idea what it was all about but when my sister shared the improvement that her small business got from these coins, I was encouraged to give it an attempt.

That time, my humble enterprise was in need of a boost. Its sales went down that I had to think of an effective promotional strategy to make it profitable again. Fortunately, I was able to talk to my sister regarding this matter and she suggested me try on the customized coin concept. I gave it a shot and it luckily worked for my business. I almost thought of shutting down this enterprise for fear that it will soon become insolvent. Thankfully, I did not give up that easily. I took my sister’s advice and seriously focused on it. Now this business is showing signs of prosperity. I never thought it could be this fruitful and I intend to keep it this way.