This Fender is No Bender

If you’re chasing your passion for music then there’s no question about it. There’s only one brand to look for. There’s only one brand to get. Vintage, jazz bass or amp – complete your gear with the right brand. Electric, bass or acoustic – the options are available.

Fender is no bender in terms of competitive products. Their line- up is well- developed and well- thought out. If this is hard to believe, then why would a music great himself allow the brand to put his name on their products? No less than Eric Clapton has agreed that the brand do this for their amps. And take note that Clapton is not just any other musician. He is in fact a legendary guitarist who has been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times! So, again, is there any question about the brand’s products and integrity? If you can think of any, ask why Eric Clapton would put his name on the line.