The Readers’ Haven

Mike is one of my best friends. He loves reading all kinds of books and everyone knows it. Going into his room feels like visiting a contemporary library where the walls are lined with shelves full of books. As an enthusiastic reader myself, I certainly enjoy staying at his place because he has the best collection of random books that will definitely suit whatever mood you are in. I often visit him during weekends, like today, and we curl up on the couch or one of his bean bags both engrossed in our own imagination whilst reading.

He has the best place for bookworms; a comfy couch, many bean bags, good coffee, sufficiently lit rooms—sometimes I merely come here for artemide lighting. He’s planning to start a book club and I think that’s grand, I told him I’ll definitely join and we could invite some of our other friends as well. I assured him many bookworms will definitely enjoy spending time at his place because it is definitely a haven!