The Newest & Most Flattering Styles for Women

Trends come and go, but style stays forever. Many women get confused between flattering styles and the latest catwalk trends and it is easy to understand why. We are bombarded with advertisements for the clothing we should be wearing, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they will suit our shapes. Don’t despair though, there are many ways of bending the trends to both fit in with fashion right now and keep us looking perfect all day long. Here are some of the top tips for 2013.

The V Neck Dress – Perfect for broad shoulders and flattering for busts.

V Necks are one of the most flattering cuts for an clothing. Such a small design element really does make all the difference. Whether you have a larger bust or an athletic figure, this cut will suit your figure.

The best way to wear this cut this year is in the form of a classic party dress. It is summer after all. Whether you are heading to a garden party or a friend’s wedding, there is always an excuse to get your hands on the latest party dresses. This one by Little Mistress is perfect in colour, length and V neck cut. One of the great design elements here is the mixture of a V neck top and a waistband. This will draw attention to your waist, giving you the hourglass illusion and flatter all shoulder widths. The beautiful Little Mistress collection has many versions of V neck dresses, so it is worth having a look at all of them, to suit your age range.

Bootcut Jeans – For slimming the hips and elongating the legs

Skinny jeans are great, but they don’t suit all of our shapes. Wouldn’t life be boring if we all wore the same clothes anyway? This year has seen the return of the bootcut jean, flattering for all shapes and a great alternative to the skinny versions. The first thing to remember when choosing the bootcut fit is that they won’t be able to be styled exactly the same way as the skinny variety. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with the styling, such as picking a floral blouse to fit in with this summer’s bright patterns.

One of the beautiful parts to any pair of jean is the difference in waist height. If you have an athletic figure then you may want to pick a low waisted pair and team them with killer wedges. Alternatively, you may have an hourglass figure that will be accentuated by choosing a pair with a high waist, tucking in a plain white tank top – the perfect summer look. Now jeans can be an expensive item to buy and let’s face it, we all need more than one pair. To make it easier on your bank balance, why not look for a store that also offer buy now pay later as an option.

The Pencil Skirt – For all shapes and sizes

The pencil skirt has made it back into the limelight this year and rightly so. It is one of the most flattering cuts for pretty much every figure; from the apple through to the pear shaped, you will find one that suits you. What style you choose really does come down to your personal taste, but this season it is all about the patterns. From florals to the effortless tribal prints, this year the brighter the better. The only issue with loud prints is that they can end up working against our figures, certainly not what we are looking for.

If you are worried about the patterns for your new pencil skirt, then why not check out a paneled version by South. The vertical paneling will help to elongate and slim your legs, whilst the pattern nails the vintage floral trend currently seen on the catwalks.