The Modern Court Shoe: Platforms

Kate Middleton has set the trend with gorgeous slim platforms but so have celebrities who wear them on the red carpet with superb designer dresses and some outlandish outfits too. When it comes to pavement trends, lots of girls have taken to wearing court shoes with platforms becoming one of the most popular designs!

Adding Height With Style

The beauty of platforms is a girl can add that all important extra height, and legs look longer too! Nude court shoes with higher than high heels and platform toes are a superb choice to wear with dresses or flares – think red carpet celebrities and how they show off a foot nicely tucked in a pair of platforms!

The key to successfully wearing platforms is to make sure you wear them with the right outfit – a slinky cocktail dress would be a no-no with chunky platforms but would look fantastic with slim platform court shoes – think glitzy colours too and there’s a superb selection of neons to go for.

Reliably Comfortable

Getting it right with perfect platform court shoes means feet will be comfortably ensconced in trendy footwear. Let’s face it, the platform has been around for a few decades now and the designs have just got better and better. Gone are the days of the heavier court shoe look, and in its place a classier, thinner platform that’s easy on the eye and the foot!

What to Wear with Platforms

When it comes to outfits that go well with stylish platform court shoes, this takes a little planning. You can’t just throw on a pair of platforms with any outfit and just hope they will look good. Sling back platform court shoes look brilliant with summer dresses, but they look great with jeans too! High heels and slim platforms look brilliant with a dressier outfit – think designer dress or wonderful designer flared trousers!

If you love chunkier looking platform court shoes, these look great with high wasted flares and short jackets – and especially nice with blazers. But you have to be careful because if you get it wrong, chunky platforms can make the lower part of your body look heavier – something to avoid at all costs! Heavier soles can really “anchor” a look and bring it all together – but you need to get it right!

Colours That Brings it All Together

Apart from getting the style of the platform court shoes just right, you have to think colours too! Darker shoes look brilliant with flares and jeans but lighter ones look fabulous with dresses and skirts – think nude suede platform court shoes which can be found at Jane Shilton, the sling backs are divine!

Blue is really hot this summer, and there are some wonderful hues to go for. If you’re an adventurous character, neons can really get you noticed. But if you’re looking for a more subtle look, that all important comfort and a little more height to your look, then think stylishly blue platform court shoes which are great all-rounders!