Sweets Have Never Been Sweeter

I love eating sweets; chocolates, candies, and pastries– you name it! Most of the time, when I can’t finish off a candy bar, I just leave it on the dining table or in the pantry– I don’t like storing chocolates or candies in the fridge because sometimes, it becomes too hard to chew.

Problem is, the next day, when I feel like eating my leftover candy bar, I’m often disappointed to find house ants feasting over it. I tried keeping my sweets in a plastic container to keep them away from ants but nothing ever works. And it’s not just the sweets! One day I even had to throw away a pack of chips which they got into. I decided to take control of the situation and bought a bottle of terro pco, liquid ant bait. I didn’t have any problem using it for the first time and thankfully, it took care of my problem. Now, wherever I keep my food, I’m sure I won’t have any problem with the competition (aside from my baby brother!).