Prestige Symbolism Integrity and Value

Gold is the color of the highest honor. Gold trimmings are a sign of grandeur and status. Gold bars are, well, what they are – investments, a medium of trade, assets. It is a metal with one of the highest values. Anyone who has it either has the money or the influence to own it.

On the other hand, the cross symbolizes sacrifice. For Christians most especially, the cross is a symbol of salvation. Their savior walked to the site of his death, bent as he bore the weight of the cross he would be crucified on.

These two elements together, the gold cross here stands for the dignity of sacrifice, a badge of self- giving. Indeed, to be awarded with it is a great honor for not only is it a dignified symbol, but the detail on this badge has been intricately selected. Quality is assured to give justification to what it stands for.