No Music Leaks Please

Sometimes I just want to shut out the noise of people’s voices at the office. That’s why I got myself those huge headphones. Thankfully, they’re really very helpful in doing so. I just snap them on, turn up the music and just drown out the sound of people yapping in the background. The only problem, though, is that the sound leaks from my headphones even if I wear them so although I get to enjoy my music, I also get reprimanded for playing my music loud.

And now I’m on the hunt for better headphones that can help me listen to my music with a high level of sound quality and can do so while containing the sound. I mean, I may tend to be antisocial, but I don’t want to go about picking fights by annoying people with my kind of music. It’s not also like they don’t sing along but I just want to be on the safe side. Given this, I just might check out the great sony studio headphones at musicians friend.