Lessons in Wearing High Heels

I used to be very particular about wearing shoes with high heels especially in the office. My co-workers would always watch out for the new pair I wear every month. I was always showing off pretty stilettos even during the winter. What I didn’t notice was that I accumulated a lot of stress on my legs over the years. I was always complaining of leg and joint pains whenever the morning comes or more especially during the cold weather.

When I was finally so fed up about it, I went to see my physician and told her of my pains. She advised me to stay away from high heels for about a week and it I noticed that the pains didn’t visit me at all. My best friend said, “Duh” and gave me a pat on the shoulder. I may be so simple minded about many things but I guess this one was just one of those cute moments of being too airheaded.